5 things about being a blogger

You love writing about anything and everything. You have this funny side you hardly ever show to people in real. You don’t live one life, you live two. Because babe, you’re a blogger!

1. Writer’s block

You dread this term more than you dread the zombie apocalypse. You cannot even imagine leaving your baby-blog for days, let alone weeks! Sometimes when you’re just distracted and can’t think of anything to write, you start to panic because no, nobody wants a block in their head when they are on a mission (getting views and shares in this case). When you actually have a writer’s block, you wish you were dead. No, I am serious.

2. Impatience

Oh, give me the views already! Do you remember that time when you stopped eating for two days because you were too busy staring at your computer screen checking your blog’s stats? You don’t? Maybe because you were unconscious for a week and had to be saved by glucose drips. Okay, I am not serious, but no, I am serious. About the impatient part anyway. You find yourself checking your blog’s stats every few minutes (maybe even seconds).

3. That one jerk of a friend

You have at least one (or more than one) friend who refuses to check your blog or read your stuff. “I am just too lazy for this shit, dude.” *Laughs* Yes yes, I know how difficult it is to keep yourself from punching him (or her) in the face. Bails are too expensive these days…

4. Social network celebrity

Be it twitter or facebook, you’re the celebrity of words. Swoon. People love your witty remarks and quick sense of humor. Your comments are one of the highest liked ones on any given facebook page. You are that funny guy (or girl) everyone loves to follow on twitter (and copy on facebook). So now you know who’s famous. You are.

5. Real virtual friends

The best part about being a blogger? You have lots of friends whom you’ve never even met. Come to think of it, you’ve more of these friends than your whole neighborhood combined. These people are mostly bloggers like you, or some other social network famous people, or maybe just some random readers of your blog. But you know one thing, these are definitely your “real” friends.

Anwesha Tripathy