This Place

Dear you,

I had not been looking forward to this trip. Really. I swear I tried my best to cancel this unfortunate visit — but I had to. Somehow I always know when some random visit to some stupid place is going to end up badly (remember when I had to go to my cousin’s marriage but I didn’t want to go and it actually turned out to be awful?). Well, this was pretty much the same. Or maybe even worse. I was sure this place will not be any good to me this time. No matter how much I had liked coming here on my last visits.

My last visits. Sigh.

I wish I could have those days back. I know this is silly. After all, you, are still there. Not here in this place, but in the same dimension as I am. I know you’ve left this city only for a small period of time. However, I cannot stop myself from cursing my fate as to why I had to come here in the first place — while you were away.

One city. So many memories.

I had always — yes always — loved this city. Something about this city always cheered me up.  But the last one year changed my conception about this place. It was as if coming here had always meant meeting you. Being able to see you, touch you, feel you and hold you. The very best memories of my life belong to you. To this city.


Everything here reminds me of you. I just cannot help it. I am not even sure if I want to help it. The roads, the places, the people — everything, everyone, that I only associate with you. This city, this place smells of your sweet fragrance. The empty streets echo your laughters. It’s as if I am always hoping you to pop out of thin air and hold my hand and smile warmly at me as if it is completely normal for people to appear out of nowhere. Oh I so wish!

But this will end one day. I know this will, baby. This craving, the flood of emotions and tears along with them, the longing, this will end. When you and me will be in the same place forever. That is going to take time, I know. Maybe a little over a year, but this will end. And then we shall be happy.

It will be our happily ever after.

Yes we’ll be happy.

Missing you badly.

Anwesha Tripathy

PS. Sorry if the sketch looks totally hideous. I am not to be trusted with pencils.


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