This Man (Part 2 of 2)

Bessie had been here for too long. Everything was white here. Or one could say, nothing was white here. Given that there was essentially nothing present as far as she could see. The scene just stretched on and on to a never ending visual of white. Nothing but just white.
After searching in every direction for a sign of life — or a sign of anything, for that matter —she just gave up and waited. Just like she had always waited for her dreams to end, she waited for whatever this was to end too. Perhaps an hour had passed or maybe a day, when she finally could sense that a change had occurred.
From the corner of her eye, she could see that a man had suddenly appeared replacing the earlier nothing. Turning her head, she was not surprised to find out who her new companion was. She expected him to stay mum, like he always did, but what could she expect anyway, after all that had happened  that day?
Raising her eyebrows, she asked skeptically, “I am finally dead, aren’t I?”
He smiled. “No, I suppose not. But your husband is. Poor chap had gone insane.” His voice was silk and honey. He was not a good looking person, however his presence had some charm, some charisma in it.
Bewildered, she could not say anything. Finally, gaining courage, ” Did you…” she whispered.
“No, no, Bessie, I don’t kill. I only lead.” He answered her unarticulated question. Also, Bessie was not surprised that he happened to know her name.
“Where am I?”
“Where do we meet everyday, Bessie?” He smiled.
“I am dreaming…” she trailed off.
“You’ll be out of it, though. Just like you always are.”
“But who are you? Why’d you ever help me?”
“You are a dear one to me, Bessie.”
“Are you… are you…” she didn’t complete the sentence. It sounded too nonsensical in her head, let alone speaking it out aloud.
“Mother.” He called, his voice painted in affection.
“But you had died! You are my son?” She asked while she tried to see the similarities between his features and hers, or her husband’s…
“You can’t be my son.” She finally said. Reading his face, she knew she was right.
“I am whatever you want me to be, mother. All your life you grieved for your child. So here I am, your son! I am not the one you lost. But I can be your son too.” He smiled. His face looked kind enough for Bessie to think he meant it.
“But why do I see you in my dreams? Who are you?”
“I am the one who leads Bessie, just like I told you. If I don’t lead you, you would get lost inside your dream.” He said mysteriously.
And sure enough, he held her hand, and led her towards a path — a path she had not seen, or perhaps it was never there in the first place. Bessie did not have the strength to think much. She was too tired.
There was more white now — a white light so bright, it was hurting her eyes. And suddenly she found herself staring at the flourescent bulb on the ceiling. Her surroundings were all pale yellow and cream and the air stank of medicines. She didn’t need to see the nurse to know that she was at a hospital.
“You’re awake!” The nurse said softly, sounding like she was seeing an old friend after a long time.
“How did I reach here?” Bessie asked.
The nurse stared at her, confused. “I don’t really know. You fell into a well. This man — we don’t know who it was — found you and dropped you here. Nobody really saw him. He just left a note, calling you his ‘mother of sorts’. We found that a very kind and talented doctor who used to work here is your friend. We called him and he asked us to take your care properly. We wouldn’t have found out anything had that man not left the note.” The nurse finished, still confused.


Bessie was allowed to go home after a few days. However, there was no grief left in her. She didn’t know the reason, but she could never again feel the guilt that had always engulfed her heart. She was upset about one thing though — she never really dreamt of her son of sorts again.


A psychiatrist was shown the sketch of “this man” by a patient who saw him in a dream.


It turned out, a lot more of his patients had dreamt of him too. Since then, thousands of people have turned up who say they have seen him in their dreams. Many dismiss this as an internet myth, but then who knows, we do live in a strange, strange world, after all.

Here is a website dedicated to this man:



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