Stay happy, if you can.

There are undeniably a good million or billion chaps who at the precise moment are anything but happy. Are you one of them? I beg your pardon but if you’re reading this right now, then I am sorry (not sorry) to tell you but chances are that your problems are not big enough to be called problems. What with people dying out of hunger and women getting raped all the time.

So what do we do now? Say cheese!


There is something about smiles that’s absolutely infectious. There will always be hundreds of reasons for not smiling. Maybe your new white dress got stained and you’re too sad. Maybe your jerk of a boyfriend dumped you and you’re alone at 3 in the morning eating leftover pizza. Maybe your boss sucks and you hate him or maybe you just got food in your teeth and you can’t smile, but hey! That smile looks perfect no matter what and you’re a strong headed person, aren’t you?

I am not a twilight hater. But there’s one thing that you can learn from our beloved Hermione Granger. Stay strong when everyone thinks you can’t. Remember that time when Ron hooked up with Lavender and Hermione was all fumes and ashes? But the thing that stuck to her was the fact that she wasn’t one bit incomplete. She hung out with Harry and other friends and tried her best to be happy. But when Edward left Bella in ‘New Moon’ she was as good as the floorboards of her bedroom. No, you don’t need to become anything like that. You don’t need another person to stay happy, do you?

Other examples that I cannot resist to mention are Hazel and Augustus from ‘The fault in our stars’. Both of them were dying from cancer and yet they managed to smile and make the other one smile. They loved. Oh, they loved! Even when there was no future. No future, quiet literally. That didn’t sadden them though, because all they cared about were the few precious moments they could spend together.

I don’t want to sound like a book geek (which I am) but then these things are hard not to notice ā€” the way an author sketches a character. It’s all upto the author, after all. We’re all in this big ass novel sprawled around as different characters. But we get to decide. We get to decide if we cry or put on a brave face and smile. It’s our life and we’re the author of our respective lives. So the next time you decide to shed a few tears ā€” well, just don’t.

image courtesy: KJVMedia


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